The Bachelor & New Orleans

During last night’s episode,  we got to witness some pretty awesome spots in NOLA- my favorite city of all! I am almost on hiatus discussing Nick and the girls until he gets rid of Corinne. Just like I mention in my live Tweeting each week, she isn’t there to truly find a husband at the end of this process. I fully think that she is looking to increase her Instagram following.

Though I would never go on this show, I do believe that the process works for SOME. Not everyone, but for some couples. What works the most for Chris and I, is that it is something to look forward to each week for a brief amount of time, to remember that our lives do not suck.

Nick and the girls, or as Chris so fondly calls them, “Da Whores,” packed up and headed to the Big Easy. I think that the city is truly nicknamed that as it is easy to get big from all the amazing food and drinks widely available. There is always something ’round the clock to do. I remember late at night walks with my father in the French Quarter to take it all in. Or, we were probably really out there to watch the drunks and not so much walk off the 10,000 calories we just consumed. Super early morning walks are just as good (see the “thumbs up” pic below) for taking in all the sights.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from my NOLA trip that I took with my parents a few Christmases ago:

Do not forget to eat everything and experience everything while you there. Couple awesome restaurants to research and add to your list if traveling to there:

Seafood Buffet @ Harrah’s Casino
Cafe Du Monde
Cafe Beignet
Antoine’s Restaurant
The Court of Two Sisters
Oceana Grille
Jimmy J’s Cafe

Which places are your favorite to get bigger at?


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