Review: The Estée Edit Dissolve the Drama 2-in-1 Makeup Remover + Cleanser

Back in my November 2016 SephoraPlay! I received a .5floz bottle of this cleanser. I was hanging onto it for my next flight, and simply forgot it was even in the TSA friendly stash pile. The full size version is 6.7floz for $32 at Sephora.

I wear heavily pigmented makeup, layers of touch ups, false eyelashes w/Duo glue, etc. I need something that will do the dirty work of truly take the day away. Otherwise, my skin will give acne in the form of feedback, that this isn’t working and we are no longer friends. Below is a pic showing you what I mean about my “layering” technique. I am pictured with my gal pal Adrian at Smelly Cat Coffee in Charlotte NC. She is also my lovely aesthetician that keeps my skin in check (feel free to check her out when in the LKN area). smelly-cat

Now this cleanser is only for combo, normal or dry skin. Why Sephora even sent it to an oil slick kind of gal, I have no clue. However, I am glad that they mixed me up with someone else. This took eyelashes, glue, waterproof mascara and layers upon layers of everything off. All I did was pour a small amount into my hands (be cautious, it’s super watery), rub all over my face and rinsed. Of course I still used toner & eye cream, but I was hydrated enough that I didn’t use moisturizer on top of that.

Have you used this cleanser yet? Thoughts in comments below please.


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