Review: Lancôme HYPNÔSE DRAMA Instant Full Body Volume Mascara

Back in December, I reviewed a large sized sample in my SephoraPlay! of this mascara from Lancome in the color Excessive Black. I Iove mascara samples, as I always toss out my mascaras three months from first opening. There is no sense of getting an eye infection from makeup. With most mascara samples, they have a generous amount of product in them and last three months anyways! Score!

Per Sephora’s website:
What it is:
An intense, black volumizing mascara that creates full-body, high-volume lashes in a single stroke.

What it does:
With its creamy, gliding formula and deep, intense color, this volumizing mascara creates instant lash drama in a single coat—without clumping or flaking. Hypnôse Drama’s full-contact brush features an S-shaped curve to grasp and evenly coat lashes from root to tip for big, bold, buildable volume.See instantly bold lashes with a fake-lash effect.

The brush on this little puppy is amazing! It swirls around, it grips, it does everything you want a mascara to do. The formulation? Not so much. Here is a side by side without mascara and with 2 coats of Lancome’s mascara:


There is some clumping, but unfortunately, I just don’t love all of it. There is no justification (but it might work for you) here for me to buy it for $27.50USD. I will use the sample for the next three months, in case, by some miracle it grows on me. The color is not as intense as it states, so I added a coat of Smashbox’s X Rated Mascara $23USD  and it got me to the dramatic look I prefer.


If you have tried this mascara and I am missing something, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!


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