Review: Be A Bombshell Nail Polish Va Voom

Let me first start off with I am not a nail technician and that I received this in an Ipsy bag last year (September 2016) that I purchased with my own money. If you would like to explore ipsy for yourself, feel free to click my referral link: $10/mon Ipsy Subscription Service

I only like to paint my toe nails and never finger nails. Here’s the issue, I use American Sign Language, and there is just something about colored fingernails that makes me stare at them instead of fluidly communication (think of it like a stutter).

Initial impressions are that for $6/bottle, the price point is great if the product is great, right?! The color is described as a deep purple, but it is more blue than anything, with no hint of shimmer. Am I color blind? Coverage is pure saturation, but I just can’t get over the formula and brush.

The “paint” is goopy and thick. I added 3 drops of thinner to the bottle and felt like it needed a ton more to get it to more of an OPI consistency. Then there is the super wide brush. Do I just have baby sized toe nails? It fans out perfectly for 2 swipe application on the big toes, but forget the other 4. This brush deposits so much paint that you really don’t need a second coat. Keep an orange stick dipped in acetone handy to get everything off the skin.

Sorry everyone. Didn’t work for me, but the color is super awesome. I think that I will stick with OPI for now.



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