Apple Cider Vinegar & The Bachelor

So we all are well aware as to how awesome Apple Cider Vinegar is for our bodies, hair, skin, etc, but are we able to all choke it down on a consistent basis?

Studies show some of the wide-ranging benefits are:
Lower Cholesterol
Alleviating Cold Symptoms & Germ Busting
Helping Upset Tummies & Soothing Intestinal Spasms
Increasing Energy
Fighting Acne
And the list goes on…

Many can take it in a shot glass and throw it back. Or, maybe you are looking for a way to be able to drink it in a tastier fashion. Here’s my recipeĀ for the night:

Let’s start with a super pretty glass! It is always more fun that way. Could be a wine glass, or I love this one from Spartina that says, “Wild and Free” with my fav bird.


From there, I add a shot glass full of each of the following: Fresh Lemon Juice from a whole lemon & Apple Cider Vinegar (both organic). Have you seen those squeeze tubes of ginger in the fridge salad section of your grocery store? I added a nickle sized amount, along with 2 drops of Cinnamon Bark Oil ($31.58 Cinnamon Vitality Oil from Young Living). No, I do not sell oils. But, this is the tastiest I have tried!

Fill the rest of your pretty cup with filtered water and voila, an awesome way to get it down to reap all of those health benefits! Now, time to watch The Bachelor and hopefully I don’t blow this concoction laughing at Corinne.



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