Review: Snow Fairy Shower Gel by Lush Cosmetics

Snow Fairy has got to be my most irresistible sweet shower treat with awesome lustre to date. Oh Lush, I love these fluffy pink sparkly bubbles! Why does it have to be limited edition? I couldn’t wait any longer and had to move it from my “in bathroom store” to the shower.¬†Each week I change-up shower products. Just something that I love to do on Sundays while preparing for the week!

If you can get your hands on this bottle next Christmas- DO IT! Yes, it is expensive. $29.95 for 16.9floz. Ouch, but the cotton candy/sugar scent lingers in your bathroom well after your shower. The lather rocks! The sparkles do not last past the shower, but that’s why Lush has massage bars & body powders with sparkles.

Is this one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments! If not, let me know which one I should be trying next Sunday.


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