The Bachelor- Week 3 Sleepy Time!

Forgive me for not posting sooner, but Chris and I literally just got a chance to cuddle on the couch together & watch this week on DVR. To get caught up on last week CLICK HERE!

Let’s address Corinne this week. Down right entitled spoiled ignorant twit. Sorry for the rant, but who doesn’t adult anymore and who has a nanny take care of their every need. That bed ain’t gonna make itself in the morning, and I sure as hell don’t have a nanny making me “cheese pasta.”

What is cheese pasta? Does she mean Kraft Mac n Cheese?  Is this some gimmic like Chicken of the Sea? Maybe Corinne and Jessica Simpson can do some bonding when she is kicked off the show. We all know that will happen soon enough.

Now I have never read The Bachelor Rule Book, but if one skips out on a rose ceremony to go sleepies because they already have a rose, they should be sent home! It is a slap in the face to the other girls and this process. Foolish entitlement mentality!

And… is there a certain amount of wardrobe censoring quota that should disqualify one deemed too slutty for the show? Or, is ABC trying to produce a spank bank for the rating gap of teenage boys that will not watch this show?

Anyways- on to the positives of this episode. Backstreet Boys got to plug themselves. Zero G, because that looked like total fun. Minus the vomit. I think Nick has found a winner with Vanessa. Seeing some of our Olympic rockstars made me want to go out for a late night jog. I didn’t say that I actually did, but it gave me a little tickle of motivation.

What are your thoughts on Corinne not showing to the rose ceremony?

xoxoxoxo Jessica


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