Self Care Sunday: Scalp Scrub

Happy Sunday all you fabulous people out there! Plans today? I hope it is to fit some self care! There is just something about full body exfoliation, that is so satisfying. Getting that circulation going after a hard workout to start the day, is so important. Get those toxins out! But, do you honestly think about scrubbing your scalp too?

For me, this is a weekly must! Your scalp plays a big part in the whole ecosystem on top of your head. “Big Billion Dollar Beauty” sees it and there is now a plethora of scalp scrubs hitting the market. I’m seeing them advertised in Ulta, grocery stores and Facebook ads.

Just like the skin on the rest of your body, your scalps needs to be exfoliated, cleansed and moisturized. My version of a “scalp detox” is a great way to help remove the week’s product build up, sebum and dead ski cells. In my recipe, I use sugar and salt as a “physical exfoliant,” rather than a “chemical exfoliant.” Always be gentle and use what you feel is best!

I’ve noticed that the scalp scrubs in the stores have a tendency to use salicylic acid as a chemical exfoliant to slough off the dead skin cells. I think that using a physical means works just fine for me for my relaxed & chemically treated hair with oily roots, psoriasis patchiness and random itchiness. I’m lucky enough to not have to wash everyday. But, if your scalp is dry, your hair is most likely dry and prone to breakage.

I know that this will drive many of you nuts that I don’t have the measurements down, but sometimes I have to add more fatty oil if my ends are getting dry. Or, if I need more soothing for scalp inflammation, I will add more salt than sugar. Here is the overall ingredients list that you will need from your kitchen/bathroom to make your paste (affiliate links below):

Salt- fine and really your preference. I use store brand
Sugar- White is my preference, but feel free to use brown. Brown sugar can be less harsh for some.
Shampoo- I prefer Young Living’s Vanilla Copaiba. It’s really rich and nontoxic
Fatty Oil- Olive, Coconut or Castor are great choices. I’ve been digging Young Living’s V6
Apple Cider Vinegar- for pH balance

But, why stop there when we have fabulous scalp supporting essential oils:

Wintergreen– has a high content of methyl salicylate. If you are into science like me, it’s an organic compound with the formula C6H4 and is the methyl ester of salicylic acid. Or, if you’re a foodie- think Root Beer!

Tea Tree– not only does it promote cleansing and purity, but it totally rocks for tissue regeneration. You can buy shampoos all over the place with Tea Tree in them. Why not just buy a shampoo base and create your own?

Lavender– awesome for sleep and overall sense of well-being. Has a frequency of 118MHz. Lavender is that universal oil that just helps with all things, especially skin. Also, try putting a drop in your mascara tube. Your lashes will thank you!

Cedarwood– Another great purifying oil that helps the skin and reduce oily secretions.

Once you have mixed all of your ingredients into a sealable bowl (I love my Pyrex) part your hair into manageable sections, like you are dying your roots. Grab an old toothbrush as an implement to get that scrub onto your roots. Once you feel you have scrubbed away the week, coat the rest of your hair with your fatty oil of choice. Throw a shower cap on and do a little workout.

I prefer to leave this in for about 1/2hr prior to shampooing out. My results? Shiny hair that seems to be growing like crazy every week!

Do you use a scalp scrub? How do you make yours? If you would like to order any of these ingredients from Young Living, don’t forget to click my LINK!



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