5 Day Nutritive Cleanse & Life Update

***There are tons of links to each individual product in this blog post

Ever feel like you need a reprogramming of the body and mind?

Now I have done all sorts of cleanses out there, anywhere from juicing, shakes, high fiber poop pills, anything minus shoving something up my butt. As many wise people before me have said, exit only folks! Plus, I would like it to come out in a more controlled, non-explosive way.

Ever try a salt flush? Yup, this girl has and I don’t mind those at all when I am in remission. That’s the weird part about Crohn’s, and… it affects everyone differently. You can have horrific bouts of pain and diarrhea, then it will lead to no intestinal activity at all for months on end. Salt flushes have worked well when I get desperate for some peristaltic waves. However, salt flushes are not safe. Yes, I do need a good ‘ole colon blow from time to time. No, I do not recommend them to anyone. No, I am not a doctor. I am merely documenting how my intestines suck at times.

Let’s discuss “why” I am trying Young Living’s 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse. “Seed to Seal.” God made plants. Young living seeds, cultivates, distills, treats and seals their plants and bottles. No funny stuff or additives, along with stringent testing. ‘Nuff said for me. Then, there’s that reprogramming need. It’s a vicious cycle when not feeling 110%. You start to wonder what else is really going on.

At the end of June, I started a contract with a new company, as my previous employer suddenly poof- vanished. I have read that one holds anger in their liver and possibly your gut (gut-brain barrier). If anything, my commute in the evening makes me tense and angry. There’s more to it than that though. I have re-vamped my “work schedule” to accommodate the commute. I’ve returned to the gym after a 14yr hiatus and have sent my booty into a tail spin (kinda trying to throw a pun in there ;)) Here’s a snapshot of a weekday:

4:45am     Try to Get Out of Bed
530am      Try to leave the house for ~35-40mins commute
615am      Enter Gym and Get Down to Business
8am           Drive .4miles to office (that’s what a commute should look like)
530pm      Mentally prepare to drive with some of the worst drivers in the USA
7pm          Arrive home to the best partner in life ever! Chris always cooks something yummy and picks up the house for me now. I spend the next 2hrs detoxing from the day, loving up on Chris and the dogs, repacking the gym bag and getting everything prepped for the next morning’s quick escape.
9pm          Head into the bedroom for some sexy time and pass out exhausted with (tonight) patchouli, frankincense and orange diffusing to keep me asleep until that dreaded alarm.

My Friday nights now consist of my normal Sunday rituals of laundry, prepping for the week and spending time with Chris and the dogs. Gone are the days of being able to go out and drink with friends at Happy Hour (responsibly). Since we are still experiencing a heat index over 95, Saturdays and Sundays are boat days. Minimum of 5hrs/day with my butt in the water to mentally detox from the week.

I’m so dead to the world when I wake up and get home Monday through Friday. I need more energy. Yes, I have incorporated Ningxia into my life, as well as other oils to support normal energy levels (think En-R-Gee), but something is just sucking me dry. All of it has improved overall wellness, but I am still lacking. Hence- turn to a cleanse and restart the body and mind. I probably should have done this prior to starting the contract, but now I am going to on Sept 11, 2017 (end 9/15/2017) to give all you lovelies plenty of time to jump on board with me!

What’s included:
Ningxia Red: “Energizing and replenishing wolfberry nutrient” filled macro-nutrient goodness. Tons of antioxidants and superfoods to support overall wellness. I love adding a drop each of Cinnamon Bark and Frankincense to this super yummy drink. If you would like to hear more about Ningxia’s benefits, or a 30 day challenge, let me know in the comments below!

Digest + Cleanse: Capsule filled with peppermint, caraway, lemon, ginger, fennel and anise oils to assist the gastrointestinal tract (and I would guess the pancreas). If taking a total of 3 capsules per day during this cleanse does lessen my farting, Chris will totally be on board. This will be my first experience with it. However, I am pumped that it soothes gastrointestinal upset and supports healthy digestion.

Balance Complete: Friends have said that this tastes like vanilla pudding. Yeah right. We shall see. Balance Complete seems fairly simple. It contains Ningxia Wolfberry Powder, brown rice bran, barley grass, aloe vera, cinnamon powder and whey protein blend with 11g of fiber. You will receive 41% of calcium via 2 scoops. Normally, I cannot take calcium with my shellfish (kinda ocean too) allergy, but hopefully I will be in luck with this product. Young Living recommends to mix 2 scoops with water or milk. I think I will be using cashew milk. I love the taste of it.

If purchased separately at the retail level: $198.02 (-$159.54)  (Savings: $38.48)
If purchase separately at the wholesale level: $150.50 (-$121.25)  (Savings $29.25)

Link to purchase (#4890): Sponsor/Enroller ID (10289088)
Retail: $159.54
Wholesale: $121.25

***Please feel free to email me to walk you through how to sign up for a wholesale account to save 24% and keep you & your family above the wellness line. From there, I will get you into our private educational/motivational Facebook Group.

Each day, there are chances to have snacks with this cleanse. However, I am all in and might (at the most) have some blueberries  or broccoli here and there. Otherwise, here is a snapshot for what I will be doing from the instructions provided in the kit:

Breakfast- during commute in the car
1 Balance Complete shake made with cashew milk
1 Capsule Digest + Cleanse
3floz Ninxia Red with 1 drop Frankincense Vitality, 1 drop Cinnamon Bark Vitality
Gym- 16oz of water
Now these are optional and oils I like to injest: 1 vegetable cap 5drops Longevity Vitality, 2drops Lemon Vitality, 2 drops Thieves Vitality, topped off with olive oil. I make these ahead of time and pop in the freezer.
Snack- 16oz of water with 1 drop of Peppermint Vitality
Lunch- 1 Digest + Cleanse
8oz of water
3oz Ningxia Red with 1drop of Citrus Fresh Vitality
1 Balance Complete shake
Snack- 1c hot water with 1 drop Thieves Vitality
Dinner- 1 capsule Digest + Cleanse
1 Balance Complete shake
16oz Water
3oz Ningxia Red with 1drop of Grapefruit Vitality
If I feel like eating to be able to sleep or shut my brain off: 1c raw broccoli should do the trick for me. Or, 1/2c of blueberries if the sugar cravings are too much.

Another great way to “change up” the flavoring of the shakes is to add a drop of Orange Vitality to make it taste like a creamsicle. Or, even almond milk. Whatever you choose, try to drink a gallon of water with me each day.

Happy Wednesday all you lovely people! Cannot wait to see how much this supports my need for a reboot? Are you joining me?


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




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