Trunk Club April 2017

The weather has been so rainy lately here on Lake Norman. Some days, we barely hit 70. Other days make you question how far into the 80s we are. However, Chris and I love the rain! It means that the lake is getting higher and the boats are floating happily in the cove.

It is always exciting to see what my stylist/gal Carolyn has in store for me. Do not be nervous about having a complete stranger choose clothing and accessories for you. It is completely tailored to you, your style and your size. Adding your measurements and likes to their questionnaire is important. Plus, I speak with Carolyn over the phone all the time about my closet needs. She truly is an expert at attempting to get clothes that are to dye for. For ease of the shopper, there is free return shipping.

Let’s rip open the box!

Mixed Media Roll Sleeve Tunic by Caslon $79.00USD
Mixed Media Shirt

Let’s talk about pockets! OMG THERE’S POCKETS! And….. just look at the length! I have a super long torso. Totally rocking this shirt forever even though I do not like the color. The olive tone is something that I would have passed right by. That is the beauty of Trunk Club. Someone else picking out beautiful clothes for you, that they know you will be able to rock!

Floral Flute Sleeve Skater Dress by TopShop $68.00USD
Floral FluteIn the pic, the length doesn’t look that bad. However, the only way to make this booty baring dress work for me, is if I was to wear it with leggings and tall boots. Unfortunately, the weather just doesn’t permit it and I am not gaga over it enough as an alternative to a shirt to keep it until next winter. Sent back!

Strapless Lace Midi Dress by TopShop $150.00USD
150 Midi Dress
Oh how I wish this fit better. I am way too curvy for this. I really am in love, but I would have lost a ton of the lace pattern if I had the dress tailored. Once “the girls” fit, the rest of it hung like a bag on me. Sigh.  If you can rock this dress, I am totally envious! Sent back 😦

Shear Grid Yoke Sweater by Trouve $79.00USD
Trouve SweateSorry this pic isn’t of me trying it on. There are slits on the sides that showed every inch of an unflattering muffin top. Yup- sent back! However, if you are not in the long torso club, you will be obsessed with the fabric and sheerness of the fabric near the neckline. I could cry that this wasn’t a tunic. The sleeves were a touch too short as well. Another sigh- sent back!

Alana Pullover Sweater by Free People $108.00USD
Alana SweaterTo give you a perspective of being large busted and long torso, I put a navy tank under this gorgeous yellow sweater. It fit me like a crop top! No, it isn’t supposed to be. I felt like Dolly Parton in it! Sent back.

Upstate Striped Tee by Free People $68.00USD
Striped Sweater
If it weren’t for the spandex in the sleeves, this would fall right off of me. When it lies flat, the V-neck doesn’t appear that large of an opening. The length was great, but I couldn’t even keep it on (hence no pic). Color is beautiful, but just wasn’t going to work for me. Sent back!

If you would like your own trunk, feel free to click my link: REFERRAL LINK (The way that the referral link works, is that once you sign up and spend $50, I will receive $50USD). Just because these items do not work for me, doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! Would love to hear from all you lovely people!


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