Mitro Valve Prolapse & My Teeth Health Quest

In my quest for  healthier living, I came across an recently called, “Think Dirty.” Oh boy… I never should have downloaded the app and scanned half the products in this house. I had heard about it when I saw someone on Facebook talking about how she has been able to replace most items with 0s, 1s and maybe some 2s. So, naturally I had to explore this free app further, that allows me to save items and see how my bathroom ranks overall.

I have mitro valve prolapse (MVP) and a healthy mouth is super important. American Heart Association no longer deems it necessary for a round of antibiotics prior to having dental work of any sort performed, however I do not take chances. If a cardiologist tells you that mouth health isn’t too important, RUN! Run very fast! My childhood best friend had a stroke at a young age (9yrs old I think she was), that was a direct correlation to dental work and unknown MVP.

I’ve tried all sorts of whitening products over the years, as I am a HEAVY coffee drinker. I drink red wine. I LOVE berries. I love sweets. Ooooh- citrus! All of which stain your teeth. If you’re lucky enough to be able to eat marinara sauce, it is highly staining. I wish I could eat it, but my intestines pretty crawl out of me when I do.

No matter how much I floss and brush, I just don’t have the brightest smile. Sure, Mom would say I light up a room, however why not get white teeth to go along with a beaming personality? My current toothpaste sure doesn’t and I am tossing it! Chris and I use Crest Complete Scope Outlast Long Lasting Mint and have for quite some time. The harmful ingredients it contains are:

Poloxamer 407– Common ingredient in toothpaste & mouthwash that caused high cholesterol in mice during testing. Why are they testing on animals to begin with?
Polyethylene– Primary use is for packaging and plastic bottles
Sodium Flouride 0.243%– Can cause root caries and crown failures
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate– Isn’t that what I can’t even use on my hair? Why in the heck is it in my toothpaste?
Polysorbate 80– If Crest is using the food grade version, then it isn’t quite as bad. Still bad and I highly doubt they are using the more expensive version. Otherwise, it is a chemical surfactant that is harmful to those (like me) with Crohn’s Disease, not to mention decrease in fertility. What the heck!?

I am ok with some of the other ingredients that are rated 3. Baby steps, especially with Chris. Overall this Crest toothpaste is rated an 8/10. No more. I saw this challenge on Facebook and thought this is my ticket to healthier teeth and gums, along with whitening properties. I already use orange essential oil from time to time, but this challenge will at least hold me accountable.

Here are the links to the two products mentioned (Sponsor/Enroller ID: 10289088):
Orange Essential Oil ($14.14USD Retail) ($10.75USD Wholesale) 15mL- Great for brightening skin, cleaning, diffusing and cooking. Plus, in 15mL bottle, there’s 250 drops. You’re only using 1 drop in the morning with this challenge. Let me know if you need some ideas for what to do with the rest of the bottle.

Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste ($13.49USD Retail) ($10.25USD Wholesale) 4oz- Contains peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon bark essential oils. It’s a plant based formula, which means vegan! I couldn’t believe how many brands I had used before that were not vegan. OMG. What are these companies doing to us?

Feel free to email me with any questions and let me know if you are up for this challenge. We are starting April 1st with a before pic and ending April 30th. Fingers crossed! One month to truly whiter teeth! Tag me on Instagram so that I can see your progress, or email me directly ( May 1st I will announce who gets a special present from me that signs up with me and that has the most change!


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