Bergamot Essential Oil – Comparison of 3 Companies

It has been said that Bergamot has antidepressant and disinfectant qualities. I’m not a professional, so I really don’t know what it could be good for, but I know I do like the scent. I literally like it so much, that I have 3 different company’s Bergamot Essential Oil.

I’ve heard adding it to tea turns into Earl Grey. Not my preference- I’m more of a tumeric or Chai fan. I do like adding it to a diffuser and adding patchouli in there, since Chris loves that. The two seem to go together well.

Young Living’s Bergamot Pricing:
15 ml (#3503)
$35.53 USD
$27.00 USD
Avoid going out in the sun for 48hrs & currently out of stock

 Plant Therapy’s Bergamot Pricing:
10mL $8.95
30mL $11.95
100mL $24.95
Save 5% when you subscribe to their emails
From Italy and uses the peel. Cold pressed & Bergaptine free (which means safe for use in the sun)
Mountain Rose Herbs Bergamot Pricing:
15mL $16.50
1oz $28.50
4oz $91.25
8oz $159.00
16oz $273.00
Can anyone explain why 16oz would be needed? Or, is that for large perfumeries?
There is so little difference when sniffing PT and MRH straight out of the bottle. Blindfold yourself and you would not be able to tell which is which. But, there was a cleaner and more equally balanced citrus & flowery scent with YL. All 3 are calming, as well as uplifting. However, my nose is leaning towards Young Living’s Bergamot. Almost as if it will put you into a great mood and who cares what happens- I am just happy today!
Which one is your favorite? I currently have YL’s Bergamot mixed with Palmarosa from Mountain Rose Herbs going in the home office diffuser, with a smile on my face! All 3 are perfect for topical or aromatic using in my book. I did notice that Bergamot is currently out of stock with Young Living.  I will be watching for this little beauty to come back in stock. If you would like me to notify you for when it does, shoot me an email ( and I will let you know when I find out!
IG & Twitter: @jessicayanus

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