The Bachelor- HomeTowns Are Finally HERE!

Good morning Everyone!

Last night we got to see the Final 4 contestant’s HomeTown Visits and here’s just a few thoughts from us to you!

Raven- cute having her brother the police officer show up, but super happy tears that her father’s scan came back cancer free (and he has a sense of humor). He didn’t expect to like Nick. I don’t think half the viewers expected to like Nick either. Chris and I really like her, but I think that she is headed to Paradise.

Rachel- Ugh why was there a leak already (and interviews) that she is the next Bachelorette? I would have loved to watch this episode of them in Dallas together without knowing that info. I am so excited for Rachel that she will be able to go through this process and have a chance to find “Mr. Right.” This attorney has her head on her shoulders and I know that she will find a wholesome guy- which she truly deserves!

Something that Rachel said that makes me question if she is really into Nick, was when she was talking about if her family got along with Nick, then that would propel her to falling in love with him. You need your family’s permission to fall in love? Heck no! It is nice to have your family love the guy you love, but not necessary. He is the one you chose.

Corinne- We finally got introduced to Raquel and see how Corinne shops! Who else fell in love with her “way” of shopping? OMG if I did that to Chris, he would have walked out. Nick really is a diva at heart. But, it still didn’t help me to “love” her for him. I think that she is still playing into a side of Nick that isn’t “the future Nick.” Yes, he needs to be in the spotlight, but that won’t spell long lasting relationship. It’s only a good for now.

Vanessa- her students are amazing! How could one not fall in love with her dedication to making their lives better? But, for Chris, she had too many tears in this episode. If we look back to all the seasons prior of the Bachelor, the girl’s parents are always questioned if it would be OK to propose at the final rose ceremony. Duh! It’s pretty much scripted!

I cannot stand when TV shows are to be continued to the next week. So, I guess that I just have to end the same way until see the rose ceremony. Let me know in the comments below who you think will be standing up there.



5 thoughts on “The Bachelor- HomeTowns Are Finally HERE!

      1. He is. I spend half an episode thinking he’s a joke and the other half feeling really bad for him. Then…Andi shows up? o0o0oh shocking. Just as shocking as …of all the women in the world the show just happened to pick a random woman he has already hooked up with? Ok… why do I still watch? I can’t…look…away…haha

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      2. We both can’t stop! And of course, I am going to have to have a viewing party for the final rose. Just…can’t…stop 😉 Chris and I do this every season. We shake our heads, but still don’t turn away. Addicting!

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