Review: Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Clearifying Lotion

I believe it has been a month since I purchased this for $24USD from my esthetician Adrian  and think that is long enough to be able to provide you with a decent review. I had never heard of the brand before, but if it is awesome for Oily Skin/Acne, we will find it!

My favorite part about this lotion- no medicine smell! Grapefruit, tea tree, lemongrass and orange oils keep it smelling lovely & help prevent breakouts in this lotion. No glow, but it really helps to control oil during the day (even under makeup). It is a super score for $24, as I only use one pump each morning/night out of the 1floz size. There is SOME pore assistance, but with continuous use, that could improve.

Here is my issue- yes it works, however where is the SPF? If ARC reads this, please add sunscreen to it. As soon as one uses another product with SPF, it negates the oil control.

Let me know in the comments if you have used other products in their line. I would really like to hear about it so that I know if Adrian and I should be looking into this skincare line further! Happy Fri-YAY!


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