Amping Up Your Day Look with GLITTER!

To read all about what I did this morning, see it here: Ulta Makeup Finds Part 1

Let’s build on this: feb-1-no-glitter

I also bought a new glitter primer for $5.99USD: NYX Cosmetics Glitter Primer from Ulta. Normally, I use my Duo Eyelash Glue ($5.99USD as well) to get glitter to adhere, but this looked like there is a chance to make it smoother. I’ll compare on each eye in later.

If you are not into crazy makeup like I am sometimes, it’s OK and I get it. Not everyone wants to take a cue from drag queens, which in my opinion, are the true makeup artists. What they can do is shocking to me, and I aspire to learn more one day!

Cut crease is important to show off the shock value when doing a crystal ball effect on the lid:  cut-crease

Don’t worry, get your shading brushes out and blend all of it. From there, I am sure you are going to have some fall out on the lid. To get it back to white (or whatever color combo you are using), just take a QTip with some eye makeup remover of your choice and clean up the lines. Reapply eye primer (I like to use UD’s Primer Potion), as well as shadow. Today I am using bareMinerals Glimmer in Opal, with a flat brush to put it on.

Next comes the fun part! The left eye in the pic (my right) is the Duo side. To ensure that I did not go outside the lid area, I apply the eyelash glue evenly with a small eyeshadow brush, then pat Star Struck Silver by to coat over the glue before it dries. Repeat on the other eye lid with the NYX Glitter Primer. To get the inner eye corners, just take a fine lining brush to really access that area. I used Artic Frost Glitter by IF you learn anything from me, always use cosmetic grade glitter.


I never realized this previously, but the weight of the Duo pushes down the lid. Sure, it makes for a larger area to apply glitter, but it changes up my eye shape (and makes me look cross eyed). From now on, I am I going with NYX’s Glitter Primer. Score! Ardell Lashes in #401 is what I used to finish the look.

Of course I just had to immediately send a text to my Aesthetician Adrian and I already got a “thumbs up” from her. At the end of the night, washing it all off was totally easy! My way is to coat my face with coconut oil first, then use a gentle cleanser such as: Aquation Gentle Cleanser

Let me know your thoughts in the comments as always! Don’t be afraid to do this look and rock it! Just set aside enough time for blending.


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