Daily Prompt: Marathon

Marathon:┬áSometimes when I wake up in the morning, I have this overwhelming sense of oh crap- there are not enough hours in the day for everything I must accomplish. Ever get that way? I’m sure you do! We all do!

Accomplish what you can. Life is a marathon that we run. How we run it, it’s up to us. Whether you are the Jack Rabbit or Turtle, run it to the best of your abilities.

Maybe how I am running today will help someone out there to finish the race.

It all started with last night where I mad a LOOONNGGG checklist of all items to accomplish. Every item is something that I want to check off. Not that I have to, but that I truly want to for that sense of YAS! I am a rockstar!

From there, get that workout in. Think Positive, Be Positive. It is your turn to conquer another day!

xoxoxoxo Jessica


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