Happy New Year! Make 2017 happen with brain power!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hopefully all your neuron patterns are working properly this morning and your brain is recalling all the transmissions of ideas & memories from last night. Take those ideas and make them into something epic this year. Get up each day and make it as successful as possible. As I am banging out this short blog, I pray for all to just think what is driving our neural entertainment this morning? Is it something from the auditory complex and we are more into what others are saying that they are going to do to make this year epic for themselves? Instead, we should listen to our own heart, mind, body and soul to truly hear what we should align for ourselves.

Hopefully you do not have too much brain fog this morning and you all can start listening to your own auditory cortices. There is a language and process there that will help you to make this year EPIC!

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