Leaving on a jet plane… But I do know my return flight!

OK @Delta, you’ve stepped up your game for those of us going from (East Coast) EC to (West Coast) WC. Kudos to you for upping your HR practices of sourcing the best staff, TVs and comfortable seats. I always like to start with the positives. But, what I did notice is the clientele are not different. Unhappy souls riding a silver tube that they don’t fully understand the how and why of aerodynamics. Warp speed Captain- or is that Star Trek? It’s Christmas soon, and the passengers just don’t have the spirit. Couples fighting when they should be reflecting on an awesome year. Children crying and pouting that Mommy ate all their Halloween candy. Really uncool kid. Then, of all things…………. A DOG FIGHT! Wow. Just wow.

I thought maybe it would change on the home bound session of flights WC to EC a few days later. Maybe flying from Cali back to Charlotte would pose a new set of fliers with a new set of happy traits. Nope. Granted, I am not the happy-go-lucky one that wants to sprinkle happy dust all over everyone- though I would like to sprinkle a little glitter at times. Watched my second dog fight in a terminal, all while basking in the glorious mountains around the terminal in SLC. Even from my window seat, I felt like I didn’t have enough time to truly take it all in.

So here’s the partial weekend plans to get me through until shower Saturday morning: Get this silver tube on the ground safe so I can see Chris. He’s so awesome and thoughtful to allow me to travel for work. As soon as I see all that hotness, wrap my arms right around him and tell him. I do not stop telling him how amazing he is. I know he doesn’t like to hear it, but when I am gone- he will remember it.

34m trek home in my hybrid that I do miss so much. I am in the renewable sector, not crunchy, but want to do my part to help. Please do your research and in a few more blog posts, I am sure we will circle back around on that topic. Trump is coming to office in January and we need to get the word out that solar is clean, cheaper that most think and employs more than “clean” coal.

Let’s shower and get to that bed I get the privilege to share with Chris. Products that I am loving lately friends will ask me, so I better insert them here. My bathroom is not the most awe-inspiring but the products are! I saved myself a shower jelly Halloween item from @LushCosmetics that looks like a black jello shot of a bat. You have got to smell this one! Black jellybeans. Holy crap! I mean black jellybeans exactly! So fun! Crumbled that sucker up in some sort of charcoal sponge that I bought @TJMAXX and get to washing all the non-fun germs from the plane away.

Onto my HG of face washes- SkinCeuticals Pomegranate facial wash. My horribly oily skin soaks up all the goodness in this one. My aesthetician, Adrian @HealingTree in Mooresville, intro’d me to this one. Only issue- when using it, please don’t eat it despite the smell. Give it a try and let me know what you think. For me, personally, I have been on it for 11mons and have noticed very few monsters crawling out of my aging skin. Obsessed to use this one with my Mia Clarisonic 2. I bought it last year and have been faithful about cleaning it with shampoo after every use. See, I learned this from my father- take all toiletries you can when staying in a hotel. You just never know when you are going to need them. That was some sound advice. Right now, the shampoo I am using (something from Johnathan Adler with cedarwood in it) came from the Waterfront Hotel in Jack London Square. Lovely place that you should not miss if traveling to the Oakland area anytime soon. Little dab and wash those bristles.

Now is the time for good stuff. More from @Lush Cosmetics! Celebrate Lotion! Citrus and champagne all at the same time! But, I don’t stop there. I actually add 3 drops of Orange Essential Oil from @Mountain Rose Herbs. Find my new essential oil diffuser that came in while I was gone and add: 3d Cedarwood, 3d Orange and 3d Lavendar to get me excited about all the wonderful dreams I will have tonight.

Saturday is going to be important. Returning back to life will mean I get to wake up and set an intent for the day. I normally would do this Sunday night for the whole week, but I am too wrapped up with all the awesomeness from this week’s meetings at work. Hmmm… what will I want to accomplish? What are some of the intentions that you have set?

I do know this, the mirrors in the hotel did not lie. It is time to start taking this seriously. WE need to get active people! I have done enough research as to how I want to accomplish a 30-ish fit bod ASAP without ruining my intestines- thanks Crohn’s. Gotta love ya! Here is tomorrow’s fitness plan once I walk the dogs for 30mins-

30 Crunches                                                       30 Gran Plie in 2nd Position
30 Reverse Crunches                                      30 Arabasque
30sec Plank                                                         30sec Plank
Swear and die                                                   30 Reverse Crunches again
30 Pushups                                                         30 Mountain Climbers
30 Donkey Kicks                                                                3mins Meditation while deeply inhaling some Frankincense

What to use what to use when I jump in the shower after that one. Sounds weird, but I get excited about being able to plan my scents and products to use in the shower. I can tell you this- @LushCosmetics, @SkinCeuticals and @Clarisonic won’t change. Check back with me tomorrow if I am wanting to die some more after that one. Until then… I’ve got to get off this plane and have Chris squeeze my butt Adele style… HELLO!

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