Is Phenoxyethanol safe?

Happy Saturday Everyone! Recently, I received a skincare item for free to post a blog about. No issues, right? We all love free stuff! Way better than a coupon! Well- keep reading. Don’t worry, I will make a separate blog post about that toner later. But, for now, let’s chat about an ingredient in that important stuff of our routine- Phenoxyethanol.

When I am looking at new products to try or to put onto this body of mine that I was so graciously given, I start with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and go line by line. I know how tedious that my sound, but I am sick of this billion dollar industry sneaking crap in we shouldn’t expose ourselves to. Part of this could also be my OCD. Or, it’s my HR/Medical background teaching me to take extra precaution around chemical(s) and think about the occupational safety and health for others.

The MSDS sheets are a great go-to for an ingredient’s physical and chemical characteristics, as well as their effect on human health. I’ll cut the MSDS short on phenoxyethanol- don’t use on skin. It clearly states that it can cause skin and lung irritation. It’s also toxic to the kidneys, nervous system and other organs.

Skincare manufacturers are using this as a s synthetic preservative and the European Commission has said no to products that contain it. Essentially they have said that it is toxic when applied to skin, but especially around the mouth. That skin is pretty delicate and I know many that have never smoked that have deep wrinkles there.

By any chance, are you a nursing mom? The FDA has issued warnings about this ingredient to you. So question of the day- Will you use products that contain phenoxyethanol? Or, will you ditch and switch for non-toxic? Remember that toner post I promised? I will add in my favorite non-toxic options for you.

xoxoxo Jessica


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