Jeffree Star Valentine’s Supreme Mystery Box

Happy Monday Everyone! What are your plans for this second week of February? Ya know- Valentine’s Day is coming! Chris and I have a new rule. Don’t get out of bed until at least 7am on a Sunday! All week long, we push ourselves so hard. But, we need that one morning per week to sleep in. It’s proving to be a great reset and we almost felt better about getting up today.

I’ve been a JStar fan since he jumped from MySpace to YouTube. He’s hilarious to watch. Full of great makeup tips and tricks for all of us full coverage, glow to God seekers. I will admit, I don’t have much more than a mirror and a couple jackets.

We all know that I love only non toxic ingredients in my makeup. There’s some ingredients that I don’t agree with in his formulations. But, I still support him with the few items I have, being a subscriber to his YouTube and interacting on social media.

For Valentine’s Day, I always get myself something. Self love right? So, when Jeffree announced his 3 Mystery Boxes, I had to jump on board. The value is always so high on them!

Let’s look inside at the $285USD value for $145USD:

Was this a fabulous deal? Heck yeah! Will I wear these products? Follow me to find out!

xoxoxo Jessica


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