Leaping Bunny vs Vegan Certification- Do They Influence Your Next Product Purchase?

Happy Monday all you lovely people! Hope you are having a great time leading up to Christmas! Chris and I have been busy with work and prepping for this build season, that we just haven’t had the normal “stress” of the holidays.

Recently, I have noticed that more and more brands are touting themselves as vegan. But, just because one item in their lineup is vegan, does not constitute a whole line. Designation as “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals,” isn’t enough either these days. So many cosmetic and/or skincare companies will go to great lengths to deceive us. The above statements are allowed on packaging as long as the end product reflects the above statements. Do you see that play on grammar?

The only true way to be 100% certain that the company of your choosing isn’t using a play on works is to research and find out if they are standing behind their words. Where are their labs? Who do you they use as suppliers? For some, I even want to know where their board members stand on this matter.

Leaping Bunny is a program that requires zero animal testing to be used in any phase of product development by the cosmetic/skincare company, its labs or ingredient suppliers. On March 11, 2013 the EU successfully banned the sale of cosmetic products and use of ingredients that have been tested on animals. My question has been, for the past 6yrs+, why is the USA and FDA following in their footsteps? Leaping Bunny is recognized here (USA) and many companies use the excuse that they have already paid for other certifications, such as vegan. But, if they claim to be cruelty-free, then the process should be totally easy. Added bonus- it’s totally free! The logo is optional and is a one time fee ($500-$4500USD) based upon a company’s gross annual sales.

If products are labeled vegan, that merely means that it does not contain animal ingredients orĀ  animal derived ingredients. To many companies, this also means that their products are free from animal testing as well. However, I will still tell you that you will need to research thoroughly if it is full spectrum, start to finish, supplier to end product, cruelty free.

In my opinion, only as a consumer, I believe there is zero need/reason for animal testing in the beauty industry. Many think that it is essential for diagnosing and treating diseases. But, then again, we are debating on the billion dollar beauty industry and not the need for the cure for cancer. From what I found, research on animals has been documented all the way back to 500BC. Injecting or force feeding animals a lipstick to see if it is safe for humans, seems unreasonable to me. I am perfectly fine with using products that I have researched are labeled vegan and cruelty free from start to finish.

What are your opinions on this subject matter? Do you gift skincare and cosmetics for Christmas?



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