December 2019 Newsletter

Happy December!

Need some ideas to finish up that holiday shopping?

This month I will share some great holiday gift ideas using premade Young Living products AND some DIY recipes to help you whip up your own oil-infused goodies. You’ll find something for everyone on your list!

Even if you’ve already finished your shopping, keep reading… I have an awesome challenge coming up in January and you won’t want to miss it!

New to the team? Star or flag this message so you can refer back to it all month long!

This is what I will cover:

  • General/Team Announcements & Class Dates
  • Featured Products of the Month
  • Business Oil of the Month
  • Monthly YL Promos

Important Announcements:

In December GROworkspace will be releasing a Slique class and an Abundance Challenge.

The Abundance Challenge is a 30-day series you can use starting January 1st. This will be released on December 12th, so you will have plenty of time to get ready to run with us!

Don’t have a group? No worries! Private message me and I will get you started. 



Holy NingXia Red and Thieves!!!
Cyber Monday is December 2 so get excited!!! Young Living NEVER disappoints with their offer! Check out the Cyber Monday Deals HERE!


Young Living is continuing to honor and reward YOUR hard work! You can earn exclusive gifts this month when you help your friends enroll! All you have to do is HELP TWO enroll, reactivate, or upgrade from retail to wholesale accounts with an ER order of 100PV or more and Young Living will send you a YL branded Jade Roller (retail value: $25 USD)!

When you HELP FOUR members enroll, reactivate, or upgrade from retail to wholesale with a 100PV+ ER order, Young Living will send you the Jade Roller PLUS a coveted bottle of Melissa essential oil (retail value: $213.49 USD)! For the fine print go HERE!



If you did not get your free Abundance essential oil last month, be sure to add it to this month’s order for the Abundance Challenge planned for us to kick off the New Year! So stock up!

This Challenge will also be done PUBLICLY via GROworkspace. If you would like to join that and invite your friends, go HERE!


Shipping during the holidays gets extra busy due to a flurry of seasonal orders. If you want your order to arrive before the hustle & bustle gets even crazier then shop early!

We recommend grabbing your YL gifts on Cyber Monday, so they arrive on your doorstep with time left for wrapping. In order to get shipments out as quickly as possible, orders will be processed as they are received.


Give the Gift of Wellness

When you shop with Young Living this holiday season, you are giving the gift of wellness and sharing the best with the people you love!

Check out these simple, affordable gift ideas!


Pretty in Purple

Order a bottle of Lavender Lotion, a pack of Lavender Bath Bombs, and four Lavender Lip Balms ($63 wholesale).

  1. Order a set of these 2 oz. containers HERE ($1.17 each).
  2. Head to your nearest dollar store and grab four cute gift bags.
  3. Add one 2 oz. bottle of lotion, one bath bomb, and one lip balm.

For right around $20 each, you just created a spa-themed gift set any woman would love! Add in a DIY for a special touch!


Cozy Up

Pair one (or more) of these with a cute mug or a warm fleece blanket:

  • Slique Tea
  • Cinnamon Bark Vitality
  • Lemon Vitality
  • Diffuser & Thieves

To keep it super cost-effective, grab an affordable mug from your nearest dollar store fill it with some colorful paper shred and tuck in two Slique tea bags ($1.62) and a bottle of Lemon Vitality ($6.25). That’s less than $10! #teachergift

 Throw in a little jar of oil-infused honey and the lucky recipient will love you forever!


Featured/Business Oil of the Month: Build Your Dream

As we close the chapter on another year and head into a new decade, what are you doing to build your dream? Do you even have a dream?

This oil can be used to help promote the desire to expand your motivation to make your dreams come true. It increases feelings of self-confidence and inspires calm, uplifting emotions.


  • This blend contains a rare and unique oil not found in any other Young Living blends – Blue Lotus.
  • Seven oils found in this blend are distilled at farms that were personally established by D. Gary Young himself.
  • I will be adding this to my oily shelf soon!

Featured/Business Oil of the Month: Believe

Believe essential oil helps you realize and unlock the unlimited potential YOU possess. It creates and restores feelings of hope, allowing you to be fully present and experience wellness, purpose, and abundance. It promotes feelings of courage and confidence helping you to fully embrace your unique design and walk forward in all you were created to be!


Diffuse to create an uplifting environment and to help promote feelings of ‘enough’.

Apply topically over the heart, wrists, neck, temples or forehead while speaking truth or affirmations over yourself.

Young Living December Promotional Items: 

When your order hits one of these PV levels you will receive the corresponding products for FREE!


Let’s all stay above the wellness line this month! What are you most excited to try?


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