Happy October Everyone!

Happy October!!

This month I want to share with you some of the top ways to support your family’s wellness during the fall and keep your energy level up in order to push through #allthethings…

But first I want to know – are you on Team Pumpkin or Team Apple? =)

October is the month to spice things up so cue all the warm ciders, apple pies, spiced pumpkin lattes, and fall-scented candles. Wait… let’s ditch those candles this year and try these diffuser combos instead. This can be Step #1 in keeping your family above the wellness line!

Pumpkin Pie
3 drops Cinnamon Bark
3 drops Clove
2 drops Orange
2 drops Cardamom

Apple Pie
4 drops Cinnamon Bark
2 drops Lemon
2 drops Bergamot
2 drops Grapefruit

General Announcements: 

FREE SHIPPING in October for ALL NEW MEMBERS that join with a Premium Starter Kit or a Basic Starter Kit + 100pv in additional product.
Now is the time for your friends to get their own starter kit and snag FREE shipping!

‘Level Up’ & ‘Double Up’ Promos

Young Living is giving away a FREE SUCCULENT DIFFUSER plus a bottle of ROSE OIL this month in their ‘Level Up and Double Up’ promo when you help your friends get their own Premium Starter Kits and join Essential Rewards (the BEST monthly box out there)! You can TOTALLY DO IT! Helping people get started  is simple and I am here to help you.  Hop down to the bottom of this newsletter to see how to qualify. 

‘Rank Up’ Gifts
Young Living is also giving you the opportunity to get a FREE Aria Diffuser or Select 30 Oils Collection for reaching or re-reaching various ranks in your Young Living business.  See details for the ‘Rank Up’ promo at the bottom of the newsletter. 

Be watching for the announcement of the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! I will pass all this info along to you as soon as I get it, so get ready! You will want to jump on these special deals ASAP since they don’t last long!


Stay Above the Wellness Line

You need to be supporting your body on the regular to keep it healthy, but if there was a particular time of year where that becomes more important than ever NOW is the time!

Does this mean that those little invaders will never attack your body or home? Absolutely not. Trust me, I am coughing as I write this. However, I have found in our home that when they do strike it is less severe and less frequent. These guys right here are on the front lines and used daily (sometimes working overtime) to help my family stay above the wellness line.

NingXia RedLet the antioxidant power of NingXia Red fight for you! Taken daily, this delicious juice will begin to strengthen and fortify all your body systems and fight off invaders that have already gotten in.

Inner Defense: This reinforces your own body’s defense system and helps to create an unfriendly environment for yeast/fungus. It also promotes healthy respiratory function. It contains our amazing Thieves oil along with a few others.

Life 9: Gut tissue makes up almost 70% of your entire immune system. Your immune system is your very first line of defense against invaders. This probiotic helps by introducing live bacteria and yeast to balance and create healthy gut flora so your gut can do all the amazing things it is supposed to do.

Thieves: Use, diffuse, and don’t leave home without it! This one gets applied topically, diffused daily (and in just about every room), and the roll-on is a super convenient way to take your whole army with you! Don’t forget – this one also comes in a Vitality version, which means it can be consumed! Add a drop to your NingXia Red daily to love on your immune system!


Featured/Business Oil of the Month: En-R-Gee 

Are you feeling the frenzy of fall yet? I know we are! It’s car show time and we love to show off the 1947 Chevy (head to my Instagram for pics!)

Kids are back to school, work projects & fall sports are in full swing, and if you are building a Young Living business on top of all that you know fall also means ‘hustle’. How do you keep up with it all? En-R-Gee will help give you the boost you need when you need it the most.


  • Diffuse as needed or inhale directly from the bottle (keep it in your pocket!)
  • Apply to your temples, neck, forehead or behind your ears.

PRO TIPS: Combine with Clarity when you have a big project or something pressing and you need that extra boost to push through. Apply En-R-Gee to the bottom of your feet and Awaken to your temples for an intensified effect.


Young Living October Promotional Items

When your order hits one of these PV levels you will receive the corresponding products for FREE! Look at everything you get for free when you hit 400 PV!

Young Living October Sharing Promo Details:

‘LEVEL UP’ – Get a FREE Succulent Diffuser

Help two ✌🏻people enroll, reactivate, or upgrade from retail to wholesale accounts with a Premium Starter Kit and an Essential Rewards (ER) order of 50 PV or more and Young Living will send you a gorgeous succulent diffuser. THAT’S IT!! 😱

Help 2 people get started on the road to an amazing healthy lifestyle? YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THAT!! {And yes, enrolling a member in ER with a PSK is the perfect way to qualify!}

‘DOUBLE UP’ – Get a FREE Succulent Diffuser AND a bottle of ROSE oil 

When you help FOUR people enroll, reactivate, or upgrade from retail to wholesale with a PSK and an ER order of 50 PV or more, Young Living will send you the succulent diffuser PLUS a 5ml coveted bottle of the most amazing Rose essential oil (retails for $251). 🌹😍 💧 This is pure goodness, friends!!!

// The Fine Print //

-Incentive prizes will vary from month to month. This is the October Level Up promotion!

-You are able to enroll, reactivate, or upgrade from retail to wholesale NFR members with the PSK International 220v, to qualify for Level Up and Double Up gifts.

-Reactivated members must have had their account dropped for inactivity for 13 months or longer.

-If a member does not purchase their PSK on ER, they can still qualify by placing an ER order of 50PV or more in the same calendar month. This would require two orders…their initial 100PV PSK order plus a 50PV ER order.


Rank up or re-rank to Executive, Silver, Gold, or Platinum in your Young Living business during October, November, or December 2019 and you will receive an amazing gift from YL. (SEE THE DETAILS BELOW)

New or re-ranking Executives get a FREE Aria Diffuser (value $231.75)

New or re-ranking Silver, Gold, or Platinum get a FREE Select 30 Oils collection (value $386.25)

(Have no idea what the YL business is and want to learn how to make some extra money? Message me! I promise I won’t pressure you into anything. I’ll just give you the info you want!) 

// The Fine Print for Re-Ranking //

If your highest rank was Executive, Silver, Gold, or Platinum ON or BEFORE the close of October 2018, you’re eligible for a Rank Up gift too! Young Living is CrAzY generous, right?

You just need to meet all three of the following criteria to earn your Rank Up gift:

1️⃣ – You achieved your highest rank of Executive, Silver, Gold, or Platinum for the first time on or before the close of October 2018.

2️⃣ – Between November 2018 and September 2019, you did not maintain/achieve your highest rank (as of October 2018) again.

3️⃣ – You re-qualify (re-rank) for your highest rank of Executive, Silver, Gold, or Platinum (on or before the close of October 2018) again at least once during October, November, and/or December 2019.

For full details about the ‘Level Up’, ‘Double Up’, and ‘Rank Up’ Promotions from Young Living visit the Young Living website.





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