Lush Cosmetic’s Buffy Body Butter

Happy Friday Everyone! I felt like the need to talk about this product, as I believe I have been using it since first hearing about the brand 7-8yrs ago.

See it here on Lush Cosmetic’s Website: $12.95USD 3.3oz or $24.95 for 7oz.

When I think Body Butter, I think super hydration awesomeness to spread all over my body and not get dressed for an hour. But, this is more on the side of an exfoliator with an added bonus of hydration. Now, I have been using this deeply moisturizing brick to rid myself of bumps and dry patches, to hold me over when I’m in between making my own whipped sugar scrub, or as a pre-treatment to a face mask.

Safe to use in the shower, but do not forget to shut the water off and take your time with this one. It is awesome to use before shaving! You will get a much closer shave after sloughing off all the dead skin. Your elbows with glisten when you hop out. Unfortunately, it just isn’t my favorite for feet. For that, I have some handy-dandy cheap tool I picked up at Walmart recently.

Ground rice, almonds and aduki beans help to exfoliate. The main moisturizers are cocoa and shea butters. Then, there is a beautiful skin combo of lavender and lemon essential oils. Essential oils are important to me in skincare. I always add a drop of lavender to newly opened mascaras. Or, if a skincare item comes in a glass container, you’ll be sure to see me adding some oils in. Lately, it’s been all about lavender, lemon, ylang ylang and frankincense. There’s just so many uses beyond aromatherapy!

Anytime you are trying a new skincare product, I always suggest a patch test. Never know how you will react! When trying Buffy on your face, gently swirl in an area that you can hide a break out or three. If no issues, then absolutely exfoliate your face with this square. Your face mask will be able to do it’s job at such a deeper level.

Happy Saturday Everyone! Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on Buffy!




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