Bring Experts- Not Just Mentors, Into Your Life

Many think that they should rise when they are ready. Why not make it today?

Envision something more and elevate your faith/life/career/family, etc. Bring experts in where you might not be in life- “IMPORT THE EXPERT” as I say it!

Talk to people. I work from home super long days, and I totally get it. Some weeks, I am may never have the breather to leave the neighborhood.

Make things simple so that way you can play matchmaker with your goals. Share your story and have a community of like-minded others.

Do not miss an opportunity to impact someone else’s life. It will make a significant impact on yours. If you do not have that “expert” you need, let’s chat! Not only will I strive to make an impact in your life, but I have faith you will make an impact in mine! We all bring a lot of knowledge and wisdom to the table.

Technically, we are snowed in today. About 5in of snow and it is still coming down in NC. Just another day to not go and venture out, but it will give me an opportunity to explore new goals & share them with you! Cheers!

I’ll leave you with this stretch goal quote:
Seek the truth, not what is comfortable. Seek the real, not the easy. – Gerald May

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