The Bachelor- Countdown To Nick!

What is this episode Bachelor Nation? A big ploy/set up for tomorrow night? Or, a reason to make us watch it even more? You already know that¬†Chris and I are going to tune in every Monday night this season to cheer him on in this nonsense reality show world in which we revel in. “You’ve given us the Nick-bug.”

Let’s face it-The Bachelor is a controversial show that sets up 25 girls to be embarrassed on TV and for one guy to potentially break every single one of their hearts in a very public manner. I guess that Mondays are normally a crazy long work day, so it drew me to forget about work and think about someone else’s misfortune. I know- THAT SOUNDS SO BAD!

Practice Makes Perfect! Nick has done this 4 times thus far. For many of these girls that we have not had the pleasure of meeting, as this is only The Countdown (rolling eyes meme would work here), they probably should have joined the likes of or better yet- actually get out there and try it the hard way like the rest of us.

We are the super positive ones out of the group. We motivate others, but there is just this guilty pleasure when watching all their individual breakups happen.

Yes, it is on our must watch together list. Chris and I take the time out of our uber busy schedules to watch the weekly debacles unfold. Over the years together, we rate, giggle and learn from the mistakes of others. We love to see relationships unfold and for others to find happiness. But, then again we love when they stumble too.

So it all begins with the ACTUAL episode tomorrow night and not this countdown crap. Don’t these producers understand that we just want to get right to the point of seeing all those limos show up?

Are you Pro Nick or Anti Nick?

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