Goal Setting Success for 2017

Welcome to a New Year! Welcome to a fresh start with renewed abundance of opportunities! Envision and create good fortune for yourself and those around you.

So many of us will lose track of those resolutions. Let’s turn them into goals that we are going to smash, or at least be SMART!

S= Specific. Attention to detail. What are YOU trying to accomplish?
M= Measurable. How will YOU measure your progress?
A= Attainable. Did YOU set yourself up for success?
R= Realistic. Are YOU able to accomplish these given your current capabilities?
T= Timely. Did YOU put a timeline to your success?

Image result for goals

Create a strategic action plan. Write it down. Focus on them. Meditate on them.

What are your goals for 2017? Let’s be co-pilots for eachother and we can accomplish anything our hearts desire! Happy New Year!

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